Eddy said...

Started again...we hope to see again many nice shoots of this enchanted lady...

Nadja said...


Thanks, Eddy!


Zibo said...

Je t’avais perdue, ravi de te retrouver

Nadja said...

Hey, Zibo, nice seeing you again.
Is it possible you are my mystery- friend on another site, too? :-))

Anyway... Maybe you already saw it, I did a new shoot on my attic, with a friend, more to come!

I'm so sorry for my late reply. I missed your comment completely, somehow!

See you!


Zibo said...

Oui, c'est possible que je sois ton ami mystère : je m'appelle Guy Rougier.
mon email guyrougier1@gmail.com
ou encore guirou@me.com
J'aime toujours ce que tu fais et qui sort de l'ordinaire. Je trouve ton travail excitant autant sur le plan intellectuel, artistique et ...charnel. of course 😀

Nadja said...

Yes, I remember your name: I follow you on Facebook! :-))
My name: Nadja Stijven

But I thought that maybe I 'knew' you under a nickname, too.
I was wrong, I guess! :-))

Thanks, Zibo! I've been too busy with other things, but I hope to still do a model shoot every once in awhile!
It was much too long ago!