Blocked Again

UPDATE! Facebook's answer on my complaint: Thanks for your patience, Nadja Stijven. It looks like your photo does follow our Community Standards, so we're restoring it to Facebook now. We're sorry for the confusion, and we appreciate you asking us to take another look. Feedback like yours will help us avoid this kind of mistake as we work to keep the Facebook community safe in the future. Thanks again for your help and understanding.

YES! Only... I still can't post now, asked them about it, wait and see, this can't be right, I think. Maybe I just need some patience... :-)) 

Blocked again, only one day after previous punishment! 30 days now. For this photo. Unless facebook is now actively searching for nudes, I think somebody is systematically reporting my photos. They are only visible to my friends, by the way. And they were posted about a year ago, nobody recently liked them so that they would appear in peoples timeline or anything like that. I complained with facebook and said it is an artwork, it shouldn't be removed, by their own policy. And that it's like a drawing, and the figure is faded, no clear lines or detail. Not that I think it will help... I'm still thinking what to do, removing all the nudes, other account, or just quit the fucking Facebook. Because, it's no fun if I can't express myself and show my art. We'll see...


Johann von Brittbrau said...

FB sux. i was deleted 3 times. i'm never going back to that censorial juvenal site

alter ego said...

don't care about FB..they search systematically for nudes...for your kind of photography, fb ist the wrong place...not only, because they ban you and others for your shots...I still got my fb account, but right now, I don't feel home any more..I started with 500px....and it feels much don't have to hide nipples and you reach much more user than at fb...give it a try...;)...XXX I really love your last, banned shot!

Bekie said...

hey Nadia
you can post your non-nude pics on facebook, and you can make a twitter account where you can post your pics as nude as you want. On twitter there is no nudity constraint. You can then post the link to your twitter account on facebook :)

FB & instragram suck on nudity policy


Nadja said...

I know, guys, I know....

Still, stubborn as I am, I always like to explore the limits.... :-))

But, done with that now, no more nudes on Fb, not even the faded ones. I will use Fb for other things now, things more important than photography or art, for now. And I don't want to give (extreme-) right wing idiots the chance to boycot me!

Not much time to photograph much anyway, these days. And when I do photograph, it's usually some demonstration or other social action.... It's needed, I think!

Thanks for the tip, Bekie!
But I think I just stay with the blog for the nudes, I'm having trouble keeping up with the couple of accounts I have already! :-)) . And I still like the look of the pages. I never link to it on Fb, though, because I promised that to some of my models.

Sorry for the late reply Johann and Alter Ego, while I was blocked on Fb I decided to keep a month of radio silence and think about things... It helped, new focus, new energy...

Still, I didn't give up nude photography completely, when it becomes warmer and lighter on my attic, there could be some more model photography! I have a couple of candidates waiting already, anyway.

See you!

alter ego said...

I still love your photos...doesn't matter if posted at FB or elsewhere! I'm with you my friend!

Nadja Stijven said...

Thank you so much, Alter Ego!
I still love your photos, too! :-))