I see that people notice that I'm missing on Facebook, that prudish social media that blocked me for 7 days. Last time it was 3 days, next time it will be 3 weeks... Am I not such a naughty girl!
Thanks a lot, old and newer friends, for noticing, and for explaining to each other, too... :-))
It is as somebody said: I can watch and read the Fb posts now, but I can't do anything like, liking a post or comment.
Kisses and... See you soon!


Ramon Pruneda Segura said...

Facebook = control of the minds
Courage, and a kiss for you.

Nadja said...

Yes, Ramon, so true.
I would stay off of it, normally. Last time, after 3 days, worst of the cold turkey was already over. :-p
But it's so damned handy to stay in touch with what other people say and do.... These days I'm into politics a bit... Situation here is horrible. So, we need all the social, social media- activists we can get for the fight! :-p
And besides that, it's fun, too, of course...

I'll survive, haha, no worries... It will be just a matter of time, though, before my next punishment. Because, for now, I still refuse to take all nudes (self portraits only) off. I know Fb's rules, but they leave room for interpretation! In art, photos of art, nudity is allowed, they say. So, what if I think my photos are art!
They are my way of self expression anyway... they are just ME! Haha, we'll see...

Nice seeing you again, Ramon! I know, I know: not much new work here lately.... that's because I'm usually photographing for the good cause, these days, maybe I should show some of those photos, too, once in a while, although I don't think I have the public for that here. :-))

See you! xxx!

Johann von Brittbrau said...

beautiful triptych

alter ego said...

great line of amazing shots!. I love that light and you're looking wonderful!...XXX

Luc @ This said...

Toch nog steeds mooi werk .. spijtig dat je meer met politiek dan met foto's bezig bent de laatste tijd.

Nadja Stijven said...

Ik ben op het moment terug wat meer met foto's bezig. Herbronnen, of zoiets. Heb de passie terug een beetje te pakken, maar geen naakten. Dat ben ik even beu, te lastig, te veel werk, en wat er allemaal nog bijkomt.
Ik ben een nieuwe blog begonnen voor mijn 'snapshots', veel van hen gemaakt in een, al dan niet rijdende bus. Kan je hier zien:


Bedankt, Luc!

Nadja Stijven said...

Thanks, Johann!
It was an attempt to copy a Man Ray photo, assignment for the photography classes at the evening school.

Sorry for the late reply, by the way.
It has been a while since I looked at my blog.

Started a new one now, not for nudes, for the 'snapshots' of all kinds. Like the photos that I make on my bus trips.


Not sure when of if I will ever start doing nudes again. I miss it sometimes, but it's a lot of hard work. And I need something else now, like: Snapshot therapy!

See you!

Nadja Stijven said...

Thanks, Alter Ego!

It's an old one, as you probably know. :-))

I see on these other pages that you are still doing great work, keep it up!

You can see my latest here, in case you missed it.
Don't know where it will go yet, but I think more of the 'same'...
Just random photography fun!