plunertje said...

And again very nicely done by you and Marja. You can see that she is comforatble is with you.

Nadja said...

Yes, the mood was really great again on this shoot, we had a lot of fun, I think Marja would agree, and I think you can see that on the photos indeed.
I have a lot of problems choosing photos for the blog again because I have so many that I love.
One would think it becomes easier with experience to select photos, but I find it becomes harder and harder each time!
It's because I love my great models so much, I think, and because they do too good jobs of course!

Thank you very much, Rob!
Big XXX!

Anonymous said...

A great picture too...
I love Marja's smily eyes and face...
She's great sexy legs... And what ass ! ;-)
Warm kisses and hugs for you both...


Nadja said...

Yes, yes, and yes, agreed on all counts!
And you will surely see more of all of that before the series in done.

Thank you very much, Tomcat!
Warm XXX for you, too!

TheoLin said...

I like this shot ... there's a carefree attitude in it that appeals! Love the heels and how she's dressed .... well done capturing her sense of play in this one! xxx

Nadja said...

Yes, Lin, as I said to Marja, I don't care if the photos look like what it is:
Two girls playing on the attic.
i said that because sometimes you can see the edges of the cloth that I use as a background and things like that.
But, we were in a playful and fun mood, too, it's easy to get in merry mood with Marja, she such a warm and optimistic woman.
Thank you very much, Lin!